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10th October 2010


Updated Gig guide, now the October gig will be interesting, Glynn our bass is overseas and Pricey will be racing his car just down the road at Eastern Creek raceway, seems the name of the band is applicable at this moment :) None the less, Steve Mann, David Alexander and I are going to play regardless. Love a challenge and I cannot wait for this gig.


12th June 2010


Updated Gig page with more gigs woohoo !!


2nd June 2010


Updated Gig page with the latest 2010 shows.

Quotable quote from Pricey after playing Aqualung at rehearsal, he was slightly alarmed and we explained to him it was a Jethro Tull song.... he said "Who's he?"     (hehe)


18th March 2010


Added an experimental live recording and video to the Video section of the web site, this is perhaps one the quietest songs we play, check it out.

Updated Gig page with the latest 2010 shows.


20th December 2009


Updated Gig page with new 2010 shows.


22nd November 2009 YES !!  FINALLY, We have them !!

We will be changing our website to WEB2.0 version soon, stay tune.  Made a lot of updates to include the new CD4 "Death By Alice", gees we are so proud of it.

Pages changed... Home Page, The Shop, CDs and the Gig section. 


21st September 2009 Updated the Gig page.

Good news, CD4 is now mastered, finalising the artwork and organising things so you will be able to sample some of songs. 


18th June 2009 Updated the Gig page.

Just finished organising and hosting the Singer Songwriter Night at the Royal.  Gees, what a cool night, people came from far and wide (even up the road) to play their original material.  From memory there were only two covers I heard during the five hour marathon, of course there was a severe frowning as a result, however it was such a good spirited night, all was forgiven.  HANG ON A SEC.... I seem to remember someone doing bloody "Smoke on the Water'.... damn stirring bastards :)


19th April 2009 Updated the Gig page.
1st March 2009 Cleaned up gig page.

Last night was a huge challenge.  Not only did we not have our super duper guitarist, our singer Pricey (Spice Boy) was sick and he couldn't perform as well.  He caught a lergy from Glynn in the lead up rehearsals.   SO, we played as a three piece.  Wow !! I have a huge appreciation for three piece bands, even more so now.

We were very grateful to have Lisa McNaughton as support, she is a lovely young lady, experience beyond her years, her music has terrific heart.  Also special thank for Micky who gave me a hand with the mixing and for playing several songs with Dave.

23rd January 2009 Regarding spamming... saw a good idea from the MI Audio site and added a $dollar sign to our email address with the instructions to simply remove this if you wanted to email us.  Cleaned up gig page.

Big thanks for everyone who celebrated the new year on the 17th January.  It is so amazing to watch the floor of the pub, turn into a trampoline !!  I loved it how everyone was holding their drinks because the tables were jumping too.... and hey, we're just a folk band :)

11th December 2008 Cleaned up the "Contacts" page, our email addresses were getting used as spam, so I removed the HREF links... if a human wants to contact us, then I am sure they can copy/paste the text.  This may work for now.

Removed a few old gigs and changed the potential name of CD4 to "Death by Alice"

24th November 2008 Updated the Gig page and a new quote below.
26th October 2008 Updated the Gig page... removed some of the previous events.
22nd September 2008 Updated the Gig page with the Gearins November gig.
3rd September 2008 Updated the Gig page with the latest 2009 gigs. 

I have to say, a huge thank you to Dave at the Royal Hotel Springwood.... there are many fantastic original bands in the Blue Mountains and we are very grateful we are still welcome to play 100% original Blue Mountain music.

23rd July 2008 Added new Video "In You" Featuring Micky Barstool.  This was created back in 2004 and there was a bit controversy and it could not be shown, lucky for you , we are now able to show it in full. It is a simple slide show idea which is slightly disturbing.  I had this vision for what I wanted to achieve and when I saw my flat mate Micky watching TV, I thought, hey he would make a good psycho...where's my camera.
30th May 2008 Could not resist adding a new quote to our "Quotable Quotes" section, see below...
20th May 2008 Updated our snail mail address and cleaned up the Gigs page.  Also found a few Google references to our first home page and updated these to point to our current home.
23rd March 2008 After Eckles and I had a few beers and scotch at the local pub, we were primed to finished the editing for live video "Throbbb" which was filmed at the Bondi Icebergs.  We completed the task around 2:30am and this was added to the video page for your enjoyment.  Send us feedback please !!  Thanks !!
10th January 2008 Cleaned the place up a bit by introducing a new "Feedback" page... when we get a few more videos on YouTube, we will add more to our newly created "Video"page.
21st December 2007 Received a wonderful letter from Dr Dan after we played at Jenolan caves and I uploaded this to the HOME page.  Received several more gigs from Dave at the Royal and updated the GIG section.  After much testing by Dave and myself, updated the SHOP with the latest EP "Come On Down Under".
18th December 2007 Introduced the latest EP "Come On Down Under" and displayed a possible cd cover for CD4.... Shop still has to be updated..

Quotable Quotes to store all those funnies...!!!

When it happened What was Said...!!!
07/11/2008 Revelations expressed by Pricey when he first gets out of the car up at our last gig in Katoomba... "HEY !! It's cold in up here !!" .... Marilyn Monroe has nothing on our boy.
20/09/2008 Talking to two of our wonderful fans at a recent party, Jenny and Helena, and received the loveliest comment "We know you guys don't play covers, but you only have to hear a couple of bars of your music to get into it".... cool eh?
5/07/2008 "Gees this is a tough crowd.... and they're all our friends  !!!" Comment heard by Ian Price during one of our sets at the last gig.
27/05/2008 "Keep the scream, lose the guitar..." Comment by Steve Mann during rehearsal after I played an exceptionally awful slide lead on the 12 string, ending with my own frustrating scream of agony.  Actually, rehearsals are always fun, and it took us all a while to recover from Steve's precise comment :)
??/11/2007 "What's a nice word which rhymes with dead?..." Glynn and Steve working on a song written on twenty three beer mats while listening to the Soul Zombies.  No reflection on the music btw, they're one of my favourite bands :)
25/11/2005 Before we were to play at Wombeyan Caves, we listening to the acts before us singing their arias and being very opera like and we were wondering how the hell we were going to fit in. One of the boys suggested a quick translation to Latin, with which Dave replied... "What's the point of translating our songs to Latin, we have enough trouble with English..."
24/11/2005 "This Tour is killing me..." Steve.S, talking with his good friend, and biggest fan of the band, Lil at one of the local Springwood coffee shops during the "Mountains to the Sea Tour".
28/12/2004 "Word of mouth only works if someone has a mouth..." Dave at the band meeting
05/12/2004 "Even I know that and I don't know English..." Steve.S at 3am, and after many web page update and drinks
04/12/2004 "Damn, that Shivelles Wishkey is nish..." Eckles at 11pm
05/03/2004 As all the bright lights turn down and the final song from the band is sung, we start to ponder the "Quotable Quote" from this gig tonight. Then, through the crowded room walks Rhonda and says:
'Geez, it's Dark in here.!
21/02/2004 Ian Duncan gets the prize for the quickest response to events. Some guy tripped over a cable and fell down onto the stage knocking over mikes and breaking a piece off one of Breezy's didjeridus. Ian's comment was 'He'll be alright. It's just a stage he's going through'. He's a funny guy.