Email Feedback ...

What do you say when someone asks you to summarise the band ?

Well, besides pulling awkward faces while trying to think of something intelligent to say,
and then only managing "hmmmm I have no idea"...
Have a read of some emails we received after recent gigs,
I am sure this may give you an insight into how much fun we have on stage.



A wonderful letter from Dr Dan

Dear Steve and those who reluctantly call him a friend...
On behalf of The Children's Hospital at Westmead and The Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust I am writing to thank you for you marvellous contribution to our Christmas fundraising event at Jenolan Caves on the 15th December.  
The major goal of The Festival that we have just held at Jenolan was not only to celebrate Christmas, and to showcase the local talent and business in the Blue Mountains and Central West, but most importantly, raise much needed funds for research into the causes and cures of cancer in children. As the Festival coordinator I hope you enjoyed having the opportunity to help us raise funds by performing to the visitors both around the valley and within the Lucas and Nettle Caves.
I must admit however, that I was quite concerned when you came to me at the end of the day claiming that you were 'stuffed'! and I admit, you did look exhausted from the day. Being the scientist that I am, I deduced from your comments that The Rels could have only got into this physical state for 2 possible reasons. Firstly, you were incredibly unfit, and have spent too much time enjoying the pubs and clubs you play in!! However, upon reflection, many of our guides are well into their 50's and 60's - which I gather is somewhat older that members of The RELS - and they bound up the stairs into those caves 4 or 5 times a day without so much as breaking a sweat! So, as going through the caves with all you instruments couldn't have been that hard (!), the only other reason why you were 'buggered' was because of all the effort The RELS put into your performances - busking around the valley and serenading the visitors from the highest points in the caves, to the edge of the Blue Lake at the bottom of the valley.
Can I commend The RELS for a marvellous effort during the day, for the your enthusiasm when you performed and for adding considerably to the 'vibe' that was created that day. All up the 6 busking troups made $826.50 between them, with The RELS making $197 of those and all from small coin donations - and only just missed out on the prize of a days recording time at Blue Mountains Sound by only $9 (next time - bring the fan club!). All up, we estimate the entire day raised around $11,000 for cancer research at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. A fine effort, done with a magnificent spirit - The RELS will be welcome back to Jenolan and CHW any time!
Dr Dan
Dr Dan Catchpoole (PhD)
Head, Tumour Bank
The Oncology Research Unit
The Children's Hospital at Westmead



Anne George - Lives somewhere in the Blue Mountains
I had a great time at the royal last night.
You guys were amazing you kept me entranced with your music all night.
And as I said last night one of those songs had that Irish feel to it.
That was great loved it all.
Thanks for the cdís and an even bigger thank you for getting all to sign it for me.
Canít wait to see you guys again. Might see you all at the caves next month.


Peter Richardson of Warrimoo
Heard you playing at the Blue Gum Markets, I was transfixed, Wow what a performance you blew me away,
better than anything Ive heard from " Live at the Basement" and right up there with the
Old Credence Clearwater Revival, the village people.etc etc,
Just love your " mirrors of the past". Keep up the great work, your band is world class

J Cullen: Professor of Culture in Springwood
Hi guys thanks for a great gig. Enjoyed it no end! Great original sound, great set, great playing, great fun.
but, you're all idiots! you need a new joke btw. See ya next gig.
Jimmie (a reluctant punter of steve now)
PS. I still think you're a folkie blues band, not a bluesie folk band...

Comments from "Macca" who bought two CDs from us at a recent gig.
"I've travelled all over Australia and been to a lot of pubs and seen a lot of bands,
but you guys are fantastic because you are not too loud that people can't talk to each other,
and you allow people to interact with you through your excellent music and sense of fun on stage"