"Mountains to the Sea Tour" (it's all downhill from here...)

It's all coming together - October 25th 2005

Rob Spark, drummer for the "Blue Swimmers", joined us and gave everyone at the table an interesting demonstration of how to balance a chip on his tongue. 

We were all suitably impressed and outclassed, Mark was speechless.


Not to be totally outclassed by their drummer, Phil showed his agility of his nimble quick keyboard fingers and stuck his nose into his wine glass.  I could only look on, trying to manage a sexy smile and failing terribly.

Was there no end to the talent at this table ??

Standing, without leaning on the bar was the final act of creativity for the team that night

All the members of the "Blue Swimmers" and "Reluctant Friends of Steve" have proved to be a successful team of winners, not only being able to organise events but being able to follow them through and make them happen !!

Like true Christian martyrs, we make sure the hotel's revenue for the night is a success.

What the hell is wrong with Phil's eyes?

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