"Mountains to the Sea Tour" (it's all downhill from here...)

Getting things organised - September 13th 2005

To help keep things simple, we created a three way partnership of Mark, Phil and myself.  As a result we were able to get things organised quite quickly.  Phil would relate ideas and directions to and from the "Blue Swimmers" and I would do the same with the "RELs", and then in turn, any feedback and suggestions would be relayed back again. 

No one was ever excluded from any meetings, as above, Ian Host joined us and shared some of his creative ideas with the tour team. 

On this night, we all met Hugh and he brought his camera along to show us some finer bits of it. Really nice bloke and it was good to catch up and have a yak. This was our first suited meeting, seeing that we all just came straight from work.

The beginnings of bigger things.

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