"Mountains to the Sea Tour" (it's all downhill from here...)

First meeting is held at the Springwood Foundation Day - April 2005

Below, Ian Duncan threatens the local Springwood crowd with his trusty little recorder... menacing all with his wooden, melodic num chucka... we can only be happy, we are not in the firing line...

oh yeah, and we're playing folk music.

Phil apart from being a man of the world and an important stomper of the pavement, has also been a long time mate of Mark Lee. Mark came up to the Springwood's Foundation Day festival (2005) where he played harp (not the angelic ones) along with the "Blue Swimmers".

Later that night, in the true tradition of the Royal Hotel, the three of us ended up squashed in with several other local musicians, playing all sorts of musical styles, all inflicted by the many ales injected during the day. What a pickled event that was !!

During the pieces of the night, Mark talked about his ideas and the possibility of filming a documentary. Well what could I say but "Woohoo" and more beer was had by all. The car was left parked at IGA and I walked the long 5km back to Winmalee with my wonderful 12 string.
Heavy bloody thing :)

Do you know when you take digital picture and everyone's eyes sometimes goes red, well it is interesting to note that Phil's does not need a flash to make his like this, they're permanent.

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