"Mountains to the Sea Tour" (it's all downhill from here...)

One Sweaty Spark from a Prophet

Hi, Steve here, while working with an IT company near Wynyard, I would often take advantage of the location and go for pretty long walks all around The Darling Harbour, The Rocks, The Opera House and The Sydney Harbour bridge... and other beautiful places beginning with the word "The".

During one of my nomadic lunch time breaks, you would often see many joggers flinging themselves across the concrete, like some sort of mass migration of lost, pounding penguins, wearing near next to nothing except their wet cotton, body odour and tight lycra. It was fascinating to note, how everyone managed to maintain very important jogging looks, and doing their utmost not to expire until they returned to their desks, where the preference is to die on the company's time and not their own.

So, it was under Circular Quay and who should arrive but one very sweaty jogger, looking very important (as I mentioned above) resembling the famous "Pleasant" Phil from the fantastic "Blue Swimmers".

It was good to catch up with my friend Phil, although it was not best to stand too close at the time. It was at this time when Phil told me his grand vision for a tour of both our bands. Holding his hands skyward like some type of prophet, he described how we would start our first gig at the top of the Blue Mountains (his hands then slowly descended down with his fingers tinkling for effect) and then play at every single pub between there (preparing to complete his sentence with wide demonic eyes) and the city. The effect was devastating, let alone the odour.

And so began the seeds for the "Mountains to the Sea Tour"

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