"Mountains to the Sea Tour" (it's all downhill from here...)

Documentary filmed by Director/Actor Mark Lee

(and a little online diary of tour events by Steve)

Have you ever had the situation where you wished you could remember lots and lots of little details about other bits of whatzits, only to forgot the first train of thought and then suddenly remember the very next day, obviously way too late to add anything of importance to yesterday's conversation?

Well we would not want that to happen eh ?


The purpose of this section of the web page was to capture all the little events leading up to and beyond the tour and all the magic thingys encountered along the journey. 

I hope you enjoy the ramblings of one little Virgo guitarist.

and so it begins...


One Sweaty Spark from a Prophet

About Director/Actor - Mark Lee
Cinematographer - Hugh Miller
Audio Man - Philip Myers

First meeting is held at the Springwood Foundation Day - April 2005

Getting things organised - September 13th 2005

It's all coming together - October 25th 2005


Stay tune for more updates to this Documentary section...  I will be adding more pictures and blurbs from all the gigs, who knows, you might be see yourself here.

...to be continued...