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"Death By Alice" available now...
Precisely After

"Death by Alice                          RELS004
1. Death By Alice 4:14
2. Distant Angel 3:52
3. When I Hear this Song Mum 4:12
4. See Her Standing 4:29
5. Drowned 5:19
6. Unshed Tears 4:27
7. Kill Me Billy 3:38
8. It's Not A Game 5:54
9. Coffee 4:09
10. The Band 4:34
11. Who The Hell 4:35
12. Wish I Knew 4:46
13. Farewell 4:09


"Come On Down Under" available now...

After the following

"Come On Down Under" fake RELS003  (ep)
1. Come On Down Under  
2. Must Be Dreaming  (Spanish Reggae mix)  
3. Humming  (Keyboard mix)
4. I Like to Tinkle  (Instrumental without words)

We wanted to show everyone a couple of little ideas we were mucking around with, particularly with these new versions of "Dreaming" and "Humming".  Hey guess what?  We actually sound like a folk band with our instrumental "I Like to Tinkle".  Steve Mann was like a man possessed as he played all his percussion instruments.  This is so cool.


"Mirrors Of The Past" available now...

Following the previous

"Mirrors Of The Past" fake RELS002
1. Must Be Dreaming (mp3 3:30 secs 3.2mb)
2. My Kinda Girl
3. In You
4. Mirrors of the Past
5. Settle Down
6. Humming (mp3 4:30 secs 4.2mb)
7. Frankenstein's Daughter
8. Wading
9. By The Time  
10. Contemplating Running Amok


"You Mist It" available now...

The previous CD

"You Mist It" ______                RELS001
1. You Mist It (mp3 30.Secs 567kb)
2. You Done Gone (mp3 24.Secs 413kb)
3. Things Are Getting Better (mp3 42.Secs 660kb)
4. Julius (mp3 31.Secs 499kb)
5. Just One More
6. I'll Be There
7. Broken Heart
8. You Don't Know Me
9. Running Amok (mp3 28.Secs 495kb)

CD feedback

"Just to let you know we had a great night on Saturday at the launch.
We love the CD and congratulate you all on it!  We look forward to No. 3"
Kev and Jules

"Love CD2, favourite tracks Dreaming, Mirrors & Wading..."

"It sounds like you guys have gone into a professional studio with unlimited budget,
whoever is producing the sound, hang on to them..."

"You guys create this feeling that your right there at an intimate live gig..."