~ Steve Stockton ~
12 String Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Vocals


         Steve Stockton hails from Springwood in the Blue Mountains, the youngest of four siblings. At the age of 12 he asked his brother Michael to teach him guitar. Michael simply scribbled down how to play several chords in a notebook and left him to his own devices.

         Steve gained a huge appreciation of Folk music when, at an early age, he saw Leo Kotke play twelve string guitar. Inspired, he could not believe how one man could sound like several musicians at the same time, and the 12-string became his passion. It was a huge time for bands like Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Steel Eye Span, The Doors, and Steve absorbed it all like a sponge.

         Playing in several bands throughout his career, a turning point came when he established Thumping Buzzard in 1979. Initially, the band played a mix of covers and originals, later evolving to 100% original music and eventually released a CD in 1998 called “Witch’s Fire”.

         In 2001 Thumping Buzzard disbanded, serendipitously so did Flaming Barstools, and from the ashes of two great bands (and others) Reluctant Friends of Steve was born.