~ Ian "Spike" Price ~
Lead Vocals


         Ian "Spike" Price made his musical debut into the world, wailing his first tune in 1970. Raised in a sleepy Welsh seaside town with not much to do but surf the freezing waves and listen to music. Ian became a motor technician who entertained customers by singing along with the workshop radio whilst inhaling car fumes.

         Ian moved to the other side of the country to study teaching at Huddersfield University in 1994. University life was good - cheap beer and beans on toast as a staple diet, and live bands at the uni bar to quench his musical taste. This opened Spike’s eyes to live performance, so he moved into digs with fellow musicians and took up the guitar.

         Unfortunately, a living needed to be made and he relocated to Birmingham. In 2002 he uprooted his family again to take up a new position in Sydney. Not long after his arrival he met Steve Stockton, and the seeds for Reluctant Friends of Steve were planted.