~ Glynn "Eckles" Owen ~
Bass Guitar


         Glynn "Eckles" Owen was born in Swindon, a relatively small railway town set amongst the rolling hills between London and Bristol. His love of music came early, as his parents used to travel around the English countryside playing and singing in a gospel group called The Messengers. Glynn found that he was able to play almost any instrument at an early age. Big influences on Glynnís musical style include Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, The Police, as well as many Jazz musicians like Buddy Rich, Don Burrows and James Morrison.

         Throughout Glynnís musical career he has played many styles of music including Jazz, Rock and Folk with a variety of bands. When the invitation came to become part of Thumping Buzzard in 1985, he jumped at the chance to use his unique drumming style in a rock band.

         After Thumping Buzzard was no more, Glynn became a full time bass player. He & Steve.S remained a creative team and naturally moved together towards forming Reluctant Friends of Steve.