~ Dave Alexander ~
Drums, Percussion


         Dave Alexander, drummer extraordinaire, hails from windy Wellington NZ. When Dave was sent to boarding school he began playing pop music with his first band. Later, while studying science at Uni, he played in several bands including Fusty Dog, Cabana Rumm, The Decimals, and Storm. Storm played for many years around Wellington, including a six week tour of the North Island financed by the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council, supporting 30 acts and playing to nearly 100,000 people.

         Dave came to Australia for an extended holiday, and as with many Kiwis it became a permanent move. He played with several bands after relocating, including Suta, Lynne Powers Band, Mr. Smith, Nurvus Rex and Surface Tension.

         In 1990 he joined The Flaming Barstools, a great band named after something seen scrawled on the Harbour Bridge. They played 10 years of gigs, released two CDs and a video before disbanding.

         As luck would have it, Dave and Steve Stockton had been friends for a long time. Since both bands had called it quits simultaneously it was the catalyst for what would become Reluctant Friends of Steve.