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Who We Are.!!!

In the Photo...(from left to right) “Reluctant Friends of Steve” consists of...

Steve Mann (lead guitarist and vocals).
Steve Stockton (12 string acoustic guitar).
Glynn "Eckles" Owen (Our webmaster and bass master).
Ian "Spike" Price (Spikey hair and the voice of Tom Jones).
and finally, Dave Alexander (..a little shorter on this day, silly glasses and drums).

Where we came from...

Spike ~ A natural born entertainer.
Dave played with the wonderful “Flaming Barstools”.
Eckles and Steve S. from the fantastic “Thumping Buzzard”.
Steve M. from another sometimes sober band, "The Blue Swimmers".

The Reluctant Movement began in 2002,
however our new line up found themselves even more so, in late 2006.

Reluctant Friends of Steve: John Butler Trio meets Steely Dan and Paul Kelly after a double shot espresso!

Residing in the Blue Mountains NSW, Australia. The "Reluctant Friends of Steve", are proud to announce their new CD "Death By Alice".

In their discology, you will also find three other releases, "Come On Down Under", "Mirrors of the Past" and “You Mist It”.  If this is your first taste of the world of the RELS, welcome to the feast that is Death by Alice.  Come along for an eclectic musical journey, filled with high energy songs, genuine Aussie ballads, catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics. Here you will find the RELS interpretation of the meaning of Life, Death, love lost and found, and the pursuit of a good cup of coffee.

Well, on some tracks you can have beautiful Celtic melodies, on others, something sounding like James Brown from the Mountains, and then out of the blue, 12 string reggae. 

Incredibly hard to categorise, a very unique version of crazy, damn fun, folk.  

Hey, it's fun and there's nothing like it !!

Above all, the focus has always been on great melodies, and most of all, great fun.

More about the band…
To understand where the band is coming from and our philosophy on life and the universe, please read the following email extract from our drummer Dave, where he has answered a question of mine…

An extract from one of Dave's emails.!!!

Dave cartoon, by Jimmy Stockton

Hi fellow RELS (short can be sweet)

Steve asked in his email, What's a good blurb about the band ??? Do we have an angle we want to approach ?

Now what appears to be an easy question seems to be a ridiculously hard question. After all, what IS the point of the RELS. Buggered if I know. What's the point of anything. In the words of Marvin (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) "Life! Who needs it".

Well, we do actually. Anybody who dies is out of the band if for no other reason than the smell. And Steve's got a head start.

Now from my perspective, the band looks like this. When we play, we play really well. People enjoy hearing us as much as we enjoy playing. I enjoy listening to our CDs and I hope lots of other people do too. I spent the night at the Royal Hotel after the CD launch and next morning, as I walked down the corridor, a guy on the phone said, 'I spent the night at the Royal and the band was awesome'. To me, this is fantastic. Somebody enjoyed themselves.

Do we have a message? Well I don't. I like playing good music and I think that's what we play. Original, funny, dumb and honest. I can't see us becoming millionaires in the next few weeks but I don't preclude the next few years. There's something good happening in this music.

Where are we going? This is a good question and one that Stephen didn't ask unless it blends in with blurb. Well, I subscribe to the Albert Einstein Theory of General Relativity, a subject dear to our hearts. He came up with the idea of local action. If you want to make something happen a long way away you have to make something happen locally. And that effects things further on etc. Of course, Albert knew nothing of the Internet.

Why does someone ask us for a blurb? Why do these music people do what they do? Why does anybody do what they do? Who knows, but we care! Yes we do. We also do it just for the free soft drinks.

We come from the Blue Mountains, we play Celtic Blues with a Didjeridu or we're the Heaviest Folk Band in the World depending on what sort of moods we're in.

Now stop bothering me.

I think Dave summed us up brilliantly.

"Dave" cartoon by Jimmy Stockton, stay tune for the RELS comic strip, coming soon.